The modular system every architect and interior designer should know

GRID is the ultimate flexible interior system. Designed and produced in Denmark for clients worldwide. With its unprecedented adaptability, components from the GRID collection can be combined for a beautiful and functional solution – no matter where or what. A truly modular system for architects and designers to play with. Indoor and outdoor.


We are proud to design and deliver customized interior solutions based on the original cube by Peter J. Lassen. Take a look around and be inspired and let us know, if you want to make your space work.

modular furniture and display interior system

Build and rebuild. With GRID as building blocks.

GRID is an architectural interior system that conquers the challenges of any space. The adaptability of GRID gives the freedom to design a cohesive interior system perfect for workplaces, retail, hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, libraries and educational spaces – as well as event interior, stand design and even art installations indoor and outdoor. The lightweight GRID modules moulded in one piece, are the building blocks of the system. Perfect for creative minds who can see the possibilities other people can’t.

One cube. Endless possibilities.

Connect two, ten or hundreds and add components to transform your GRID into whatever the space need.

The GRID basic module – the 40 x 40 x 40 cm cube – can be connected to one or hundreds of other GRID modules to create a well-defined structure with the dimensions you desire. GRID is not a fixed product or system. You can build anything you want. Once the structure is in place, a variety of GRID components can be added, to transform it into whatever your space needs. Indoor and outdoor.  Explore how the GRID system lets you build and rebuild as one of the most versatile modular systems around.

Outdoor installation
The world's largest GRID-installation in London
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Workspace zones
Seating for presentation rooms at work in London
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Galleri interior
Display art like the German museum in Hamburg
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Books on display in a library?
This Copenhagen library won an architectural award for best renovation in 2019
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Retail interior
A Spanish pharmacy chose GRID as a multi-functioning space dividing wall creating store interior and backroom work area.
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Restaurant interior
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Museum shop and foyer interior
Display units, podiums, wardrobe lockers and seatings for award-winning museum in Roskilde
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Stand and fair interior
Viesmann Group's fair stand at ISH Frankfurt 2019
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Workspace interior
Open-plan space with plantes, coffee zone and meeting area in a bank in Viborg
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Hotel interior
Lobby area at hotel in Copenhagen
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Shop interior
Shopfitting for German sneaker shop in Hamburg
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Cartier chose GRID for their 1,200 m2 renovated office in Switzerland.

Client Richemont Cartier
Location Villars-sur-Glane
Architect Atelier Nova
Dealer Batiplus
Photos Daniela-Tonatiuh
Year 2022

Cartier needs no further introduction. The French luxury brand, founded in Paris in 1847, holds more than 8,500 employees working in boutiques, workshops and corporate offices around the world. In Villars-sur-Glane in Fribourg, Switzerland, Atelier Nova did a complete reconstruction of almost 1,200 m2 office spaces for Cartier Operations.
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Designed and made in Denmark. Let's take you there.

The idea behind the GRID – and the whole system – arose from Danish designer Peter J. Lassen’s playful mind. Peter is no longer here (1939-2019), but his spirit is in every single GRID configuration that leaves our warehouse in Lynge, North of Copenhagen.

Pre-assembled in our workshop. Shipped around the world.

As standard, GRID arrives with all components ready to assemble. Upon request, GRID can be pre-assembled before arrival. Read about the system and let us show you how and what we do.

Be inspired by other architects and designers.

Be inspired to choose GRID for workplace, retail, library, education, hotel, restaurant, museum, gallery, event and fairs. Let us show you what other architects, designers, artists, event profs and creative minds have had in mind. I am ready to be inspired.