Designed to last for decades

We are committed to environmental awareness and sustainability. This consciousness characterises everything from our development and production to our packaging and distribution. Sustainability is a part of GRID’s core concepts: durability and reusability.

GRID is a high quality, modular system with a durable design. Over the years, GRID has been used across industries and interior projects as a multifunctional and elegant solution. The modular design is easy to adapt and offers endless interior possibilities.

Proven durable

Even as your needs change, the durability of GRID remains the same. Strength and stability tests have been carried out according to the relevant furniture standards EN 14073-3, EN 15372, EN 16121, EN 16122 and EN 16139. This ensures that GRID products can safely meet a variety of furniture uses. Our products have also been tested for hard use in public environments. GRID is LEED v4 certified according to ANSI/BIFMA M7.1, a crucial step towards creating low-emission and environmentally friendly products. This guarantees minimum VOC emission for furniture while in use.



Modular means easy to disassemble

GRID is more than just a piece of furniture. GRID is a modular system, designed to be used and reused. The basic module is designed with mounting holes, making it easy to disassemble and reassemble its components when new inspiration arises. For example, you can rebuild your room divider into a seating unit and your personal storage units into stools and tables. GRID modules are also weather resistant for outdoor use, so you can even turn your stools into garden benches. After years of use and reuse, the GRID module material can be recycled to create new products.

Reuse before you recycle

GRID components are easy to disassemble, making it simple to separate components such as nylon (PA6), wood and steel to separate sorting at the end of its life cycle. The basic GRID modules can be broken down into granulate to be used in the production process of new products.

GRID keeps things simple, and this includes our approach to sustainability. Our modular and flexible solutions are responsibly produced and made to last – even as your needs change. Read our brochure here.