Cartier Operations, Villars-sur-Glane

Cartier Operations, Villars-sur-Glane

Rethinking the approach to work with customized room dividers

Cartier needs no further introduction. The French luxury brand, founded in Paris in 1847, holds more than 8,500 employees working in boutiques, workshops and corporate offices around the world. In Villars-sur-Glane in Fribourg, Switzerland, Atelier Nova did a complete reconstruction of almost 1,200 m2 office spaces for Cartier Operations. The architects wanted to rethink the approach to work in terms of furniture, functionality, ergonomics and well-being and chose GRID as customized room dividers.


So far we have delivered more than 900 white basic and cut modules with 200 special cupboards with oak shelves, side panels and locks. The first shipping from our warehouse in Denmark included 48 pallets with pre-assembled room dividers. Take a look at the beautiful interior design and surroundings.

White GRID modules with customized details and integrated lockers. Elegant and discreet.

Boosted by new digital tools and the home office, companies are now fundamentally reviewing their work organisation strategies.

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